abas Business Solutions Poland is an authorized distributor of products and services of the German company abas Software AG. It operates on the Polish market. Its activities include the distribution, maintenance, and development of the Polish supplement to abas ERP, business software aimed at midsized manufacturing companies.

The challenge

Considering the growth of the Polish branch, the company decided to develop the Polish version of the system glossary (FAQ) and system module descriptions for abas ERP (Product page 2016). The company ordered a translation of two huge Excel files, which amounted to more than 50,000 words in total. The project was initially divided into phases.

“…we want to have this engagement delivered in two phases — firstly, the FAQ glossary, in order to provide consistent terminology, then the module descriptions, i.e. Product page 2016.“


We selected a team of highly qualified, reliable specialists (a translator and a proofreader) with many years of experience in IT translations.

In the first phase, we translated the glossary along with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to the abas ERP software. After the task had been completed, and the customer had accepted the translation, we were given the green light to start the second phase, i.e. to translate the abas ERP module descriptions.

The translation prepared by our company was delivered on time and met all of the customer’s expectations, taking into account established industry terminology and other recommendations. The customer was satisfied, and therefore virtually all subsequent translation projects for abas Business Solutions Poland have been delivered by the same pair of experts.

“Quality is the most important element”

“For this project, we need ‘our’ translator, because it is key content, it will be used as a reference for some time…”


This project amounted to another successful translation for abas Business Solutions Poland. We selected a team of experienced translators in order to maintain the highest level of consistency in terms of terminology and style. Ongoing communication with the customer, a mutual exchange of observations and comments, and a perfectly matched team of translators turned out to be a guarantee of success and satisfaction for both parties.