Engagement: Ongoing translation of press releases related to network security and mobile device security

Volume: Short articles, ca. 1000 words

Deadline: Standard translations — ca. 2 business days

Language pairs: EN <-> PL, EN -> HU, EN -> SR


Most translated texts are press releases related to network security, mobile device security, virtualization, and the Internet in general. The content contains references to complex technical issues that should be presented in an accessible and understandable manner, and the marketing nature of the information should be taken into account as well.

The challenge

Our main challenge was to create efficient, dedicated translation teams — consisting of a translator and proofreader — that should be responsible for all documents for each language combination. The customer then received some sample translations for each combination. The company selected the best translator/proofreader pairs able to prepare accurate translations of their documents.


We created several translation teams dedicated to each relevant language combination. The translations are delivered by the same people, which accounts for terminology and style consistency as specifically requested by the Customer.


Carefully selected translation teams can ensure customer satisfaction. Clear cCommunication with the customer is very important and has many benefits for both parties — the translators know the requirements related both to language and terminology issues and document formatting, and the customer is satisfied with the quality of the delivered products.