“My compliments to you on your excellent translations — usually there is no need to enter any corrections at all :-))”



Jan Sobolewski, PR Specialist
Oracle Polska



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Professional translations

Our services are addressed to demanding customers who expect top-quality services. All engagements are prepared by translators who specialize in a given field and are often permanently assigned to a team supporting a specific customer account.




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“I have to admit that I have not read such a good translation for a long time. Even all commas have been put in right places 🙂 I have only corrected some minor wording issues and applied consistent formatting, especially to lists.”


Website Editor-in-chief

abas Business Solutions Poland Sp. z o.o.




“We have worked with BTInfo since 2005, and after all those years I can say we are satisfied with our collaboration. Their translations are reliable and professionally prepared. Translated documents are returned on time, and BTInfo’s employees are competent and dependable.”


Tadeusz Konefał, Senior Project Manager

Orange Polska S.A.



BTInfo is a translation agency providing professional translation and localization services. We specialize in written translations of texts from a variety of fields, including information technology, telecommunications, the energy industry, law, and finance and banking. We also offer copyediting services that provide subject-matter verification of each translation, as well as extensive proofreading services, performed by our experienced and committed editors who care about the style and quality of every text.

Our agency also offers escort, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services. We also provide certified translation services (including both interpreting services and written translations). We often participate in large and complex software, documentation, and website localization projects.

Our services

Localization and testing

We translate application user interfaces, help files, various documentation, user manuals, and web pages, and we verify that translations are faithful to the original version.

Professional translations

We translate text from different fields, including information and communications technology, law, finance and banking, and the energy industry.


We support our customers during international events, partner talks, negotiations, and board meetings, offering them escort, consecutive, simultaneous, and certified translations.

Additional services

We participate in many non-standard engagements, including summarizing foreign language content, preparing marketing white papers, transcribing audio recordings, writing marketing slogans in foreign languages, and developing audio material.

Why BTInfo?

We have successfully been operating on the market since 1995. Our main focus is to deliver top-quality translations and establish long-term business partnerships with our customers, based on mutual trust. We know that time plays a crucial role in our customers’ organizations. For this reason, we have shortened the translation delivery process. With our experienced team of translators, proofreaders, and customer service professionals, we are able to translate up to 25 thousand words a day! We use a transparent and fair billing model, based on the word count of the source text. Our customers receive top-quality translations that have been carefully validated.

The expert BTInfo team provides comprehensive support to our customers. We are able to offer personalized services tailored to customers’ specific needs and expectations. Contact us now to get a free, no-obligation quote!

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Well, it all started with information technology! We have years of experience in translating texts related to IT services, hardware, security, databases, computer graphics, the Internet, user navigation, and storage devices, to mention only a few areas.


We translate texts related to mobile/landline telephony systems and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as hardware manuals, technical documentations, software applications, product and service specifications, and many other documents and texts.


We can translate different legal texts, especially those related to the legal aspects of information and communications technology, including agreements, tender documentation, legislative acts and regulations, and court rulings.


Apart from financial statements, we can also translate other pieces of content developed by banks and financial organizations that are required for reporting purposes, as well as documents related to risk management, tax obligations, the stock exchange and securities.


We deliver translations related to nuclear and wind energy installations. Other topics include environmental protection, power grids, emergency management, safety and security, and energy sourcing.

Do you need a translation related to other sectors or topics?