Professional translations

Our business processes are compliant with the ISO 17100:2015 standard related to translation services. Our services encompass three steps mentioned in the standard, i.e. translation, proofreading, and verification. Each step can also be treated as a separate service: translation, translation with proofreading, or translation with subject-matter verification. We recommend that you choose your preferred solution, based on the nature of the text to be translated. After each stage, an automated quality control step is performed using ApSIC Xbench software.

Translation is performed by a qualified translator who specializes in a given field. This person is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the translated text, as well as its compliance with the customer’s requirements.

A translation with proofreading is additionally validated by our proofreader who focuses on the language aspects of the translated text.

Translation with verification means another level of control — texts prepared by the translator are additionally verified by our expert who compares them with the original documents and makes any necessary language corrections.

Software and website localization with testing

Software and website localization services with testing may cover:

  • user interfaces
  • help files
  • documentation
  • user guides.

We also offer testing of the localized websites and applications, both prepared by us and supplied by the customer.

Certified translations

The source text is translated and certified by a sworn translator cooperating with BTInfo (pursuant to the Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator of November 25, 2004). The translations are either from a foreign language into Polish or from Polish into a foreign language. Translations between two different foreign languages must be performed with the Polish translation as an intermediary step. A certified translation is always delivered to the customer as a hard copy, because it contains the translator’s stamp and his/her handwritten signature. Upon request, we can deliver a scan of such a document.

We offer different types of professional interpreting services